Wooden Puzzle Stacking With Tray 1 Pc Random Design Will Be Shipped - EKT3013

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Wooden Puzzle Stacking With Tray 1 Pc Random Design Will Be Shipped - EKT3013

Wooden Puzzle Stacking With Tray 1 Pc Random Design Will Be Shipped - EKT3013

Rs. 647.00 Rs. 396.00

Wooden Puzzle Stacking With Tray 1 Pc Random Design Will Be Shipped - EKT3013

Rs. 647.00 Rs. 396.00

"Product Name : Wooden life cycle jigsaw puzzle board with mini sketchpad 1pc random design will be shipped Contents : Life Cycle Jigsaw Puzzle Board: Embark on an educational journey with the Wooden Life Cycle Jigsaw Puzzle Board, featuring a captivating depiction of a life cycle pattern, with a random design shipped.
Mini Sketchpad: Enhance creativity with the included mini sketchpad, providing an additional platform for artistic expression alongside the engaging exploration of life cycles.
Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision, this set ensures durability and tactile enjoyment, offering a visually stimulating and interactive learning tool for children.
Recommended Age : 3 TO 6 YEARS
Skills that can be developed : Life Cycle Understanding: Enhance knowledge and understanding of life cycles as children engage with the Wooden Life Cycle Jigsaw Puzzle Board, recognizing patterns and sequences.
Artistic Expression: Foster creativity through the use of the mini sketchpad, encouraging children to express their ideas and interpretations of life cycles through drawing.
Fine Motor Skills: Develop fine motor skills as children manipulate and assemble the puzzle pieces, promoting hand-eye coordination and precision during the play.
Weight : 0.12 kg
Measurments : 30.00 × 0.50 × 11.00 cm

Condition : NEW
Material : WOOD Safety :Non-Toxic Material: Crafted from non-toxic materials, the Wooden Life Cycle Jigsaw Puzzle Board ensures a safe and healthy play experience, prioritizing the well-being of children.
Choke-Free Design: With careful consideration for safety, this puzzle board minimizes choking hazards, providing parents with peace of mind during playtime. Child-Friendly Finish: The puzzle board and mini sketchpad feature a child-friendly finish, ensuring they are smooth and free from sharp edges, creating a safe and enjoyable play experience. "

"Unbox and Examine: Begin by unboxing the Wooden Life Cycle Jigsaw Puzzle Board and mini sketchpad. Examine the puzzle pieces and the random life cycle design on the board.
Assemble the Puzzle: Challenge children to assemble the jigsaw puzzle, connecting the life cycle pieces to complete the image. Discuss the stages of the life cycle as they progress through the puzzle.
Use the Mini Sketchpad: Encourage artistic expression by using the mini sketchpad. Ask children to draw their interpretations or representations of the life cycle, fostering creativity.
Combine Art and Learning: Integrate learning and art by discussing the life cycle depicted on the puzzle while drawing on the sketchpad. This dual approach enhances both scientific understanding and artistic skills.
Create a Story: Inspire imaginative play by encouraging children to create a story around the life cycle they've assembled and sketched. This activity adds a narrative dimension to the learning experience.
Repeat and Explore: Repeat the process with different life cycle designs for continued learning and exploration.
Display completed puzzles and sketches for a visual representation of the diverse life cycles explored. "

"Gentle Cleaning: Wipe the Wooden Life Cycle Jigsaw Puzzle Board, puzzle pieces, and mini sketchpad with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt, ensuring a clean play surface.
Avoid Moisture: Protect the puzzle board and mini sketchpad from moisture to prevent warping or damage. Store them in a dry environment to maintain the integrity of the wood.
Inspect for Wear: Regularly check the puzzle pieces, board, and sketchpad for signs of wear, focusing on edges and corners. Smooth any imperfections to ensure safe and enjoyable play.
Child-Safe Sealant: Confirm that the puzzle board and mini sketchpad have a child-safe sealant, enhancing their appearance while protecting the wood and making them more resistant to wear and tear.
Organized Storage: Store the puzzle board, pieces, and sketchpad in a designated box or container when not in use to prevent loss of pieces and maintain an organized play area.
Supervise Play: While the set is designed for safe play, supervision ensures that children handle the components appropriately, reducing the risk of damage and promoting responsible use. "

"Pick the Right Toys: Choose toys that match your child's age and interests. Look for items that engage their curiosity and imagination.
Create Play Zones: Set up play areas with different themes. Use simple props and household items to make it exciting. For example, a space corner or a jungle adventure spot.
Weekly Play Plans: Rotate toys every week. Introduce new ones and keep the old favorites hidden. This keeps things fresh and makes playtime more interesting.
Storytime Adventures: Turn play into stories. Use toys to create little adventures. This not only sparks creativity but also makes playtime more interactive and fun.
Mix in DIY Fun: Combine toys with simple DIY activities. Create art projects or build something together. This adds variety and lets kids explore different ways of playing."

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