Wooden Lacing Board Dinosaur - EKT2635

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Product Measurements (L x W x H) : 30 x 0.9 x 22 cms

Weight: 140 g

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Only 3 left in stock

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Wooden Lacing Board  Dinosaur - EKT2635

Wooden Lacing Board Dinosaur - EKT2635

Rs. 460.00 Rs. 279.00

Wooden Lacing Board Dinosaur - EKT2635

Rs. 460.00 Rs. 279.00

"Product Name : Wooden Puzzle Board Big Alphabet And Picture Contents : Educational Delight: Explore learning with the Wooden Puzzle Board featuring big alphabet pieces paired with corresponding pictures, providing an engaging and educational experience.
Alphabet Mastery: Foster early literacy skills as children connect the big alphabet pieces to their corresponding images, reinforcing letter recognition and association with real-world objects.
Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision, this wooden puzzle board ensures durability, offering a tactile and visually stimulating tool for early childhood development and alphabet exploration.
Recommended Age : 3 TO 6 , 1 TO 3 YEARS Skills that can be developed : Alphabet Recognition: Enhance alphabet recognition skills as children match big alphabet pieces with corresponding pictures, reinforcing the connection between letters and real-world objects.
Vocabulary Building: Promote vocabulary development by associating letters with the names of objects depicted in the pictures, expanding language skills and word recognition.
Fine Motor Skills: Improve fine motor skills through the manipulation of the big alphabet pieces, fostering hand-eye coordination and dexterity as children assemble the Wooden Puzzle Board.
Weight : 0.70 kg
Measurments : 40.00 × 1.00 × 30.00 cm
Condition : NEW
Material : WOOD
Safety : Safe Play Material: Crafted from non-toxic materials, the Wooden Puzzle Board ensures a safe and healthy play environment, prioritizing the well-being of children.
Choke-Free Design: With careful consideration for safety, this puzzle board minimizes choking hazards, providing parents with peace of mind during playtime.
Child-Friendly Finish: The puzzle board features a child-friendly finish, ensuring that the wooden pieces are smooth and free from sharp edges, creating a safe and enjoyable play experience. "

"Select a Letter-Picture Pair: Begin by choosing a big alphabet piece along with its corresponding picture from the Wooden Puzzle Board, laying them out on a flat surface.
Arrange the Alphabet Pieces: Lay out the big alphabet pieces on the board, and encourage children to arrange them in alphabetical order, fostering letter recognition and sequence understanding.
Match with Pictures: Connect each big alphabet piece with its corresponding picture on the board, promoting the association of letters with real-world objects and reinforcing vocabulary.
Create Alphabet Stories: Engage in imaginative play by encouraging children to create short stories using the alphabet pieces and pictures, enhancing language development and creativity.
Spell Words: Challenge children to spell simple words by arranging the big alphabet pieces on the board, combining letter recognition with early literacy and spelling skills.
Cleanup and Storage: Teach responsibility by guiding children to clean up after play. Store the alphabet pieces in a designated space on the puzzle board, ensuring an organized play area for future use. "

"Gentle Cleaning: Wipe the Wooden Puzzle Board and big alphabet pieces with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt, maintaining a clean and hygienic play surface.
Avoid Moisture: Protect the puzzle board and pieces from moisture to prevent warping or damage. Store them in a dry environment to maintain the integrity of the wood.
Inspect for Wear: Regularly check the big alphabet pieces and board for signs of wear, focusing on edges and corners. Smooth any imperfections to ensure safe and enjoyable play.
Child-Safe Sealant: Confirm that the puzzle board and big alphabet pieces have a child-safe sealant, enhancing their appearance while protecting the wood and making them more resistant to wear and tear.
Organized Storage: Store the puzzle board and big alphabet pieces in a designated box or container when not in use to prevent loss of pieces and maintain an organized play area.
Supervise Play: While the Wooden Puzzle Board is designed for safe play, supervision ensures that children handle the wooden pieces appropriately, reducing the risk of damage and promoting responsible play. "

"Pick the Right Toys: Choose toys that match your child's age and interests. Look for items that engage their curiosity and imagination.
Create Play Zones: Set up play areas with different themes. Use simple props and household items to make it exciting. For example, a space corner or a jungle adventure spot.
Weekly Play Plans: Rotate toys every week. Introduce new ones and keep the old favorites hidden. This keeps things fresh and makes playtime more interesting.
Storytime Adventures: Turn play into stories. Use toys to create little adventures. This not only sparks creativity but also makes playtime more interactive and fun.
Mix in DIY Fun: Combine toys with simple DIY activities. Create art projects or build something together. This adds variety and lets kids explore different ways of playing."

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